Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System Review

Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer SystemSummary: This handy food vacuum sealer and storage system by Ziploc is great for saving your food and eliminating wastes. It essentially removes the air from your storage bags in turn reducing bacteria and allowing your food to last longer and be stored easier. It also helps remove air from mason jars with its accessory port.

Pros: This vacuum sealer from Ziploc quickly vacuums out the air from your storage bags, saves you money, time and space while allowing you to food prep, bulk shop or save your leftovers. Food always comes out tasting fresh. It’s simple to use and makes preserving and store food easy. Include accessory port and hose for mason jars.

Cons: The Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System does not seal mason jars, however it does have an accessory port that will remove the air from your mason jars. This extends the jars shelf life for longer lasting food.

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Ziploc V151 Features

Food vacuum sealers have a wide array of features depending on the manufacturer. The Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System has some great features that lets it stand out from other products. These features bring it versatility and function.

Vacuum Strength: This powerful kitchen appliance by Ziploc has a strong motor that can lock out air and protect your food. The vacuum strength can get up to 27” HG.

LED Indicator Light: As you switch into different functions, the convenient indicator light will let you know what function you are in from vacuuming to sealing.

Vacuum Chamber: The hub of this device is the vacuum chamber that will lock out oxygen and added moisture all while making your food items easier to store. The vacuum chamber on the Ziploc V151 is also designed to be easily cleaned should there be any spillage.

Accessory Port: This port has a hose that attaches to mason jars and canisters, allowing you to remove the air with ease to prevent bacteria growth in the jars and locks out added moisture.

Pulse: The pulse button lets you easily control how much air to take out of the sealer bag. You can take it all out or just a little bit out. This feature is great if you have different levels of  bag sealing to do.

Cancel Button: This feature on the Ziploc V151 Vacuum sealer is a great safety feature, it let’s you cancer the functions and start again. This is important if you had the wrong bag size.

Storage Bags: This Ziploc sealer comes with a small roll of storage bags in quart sizes to start you off additional bags can be purchased separately. This kitchen aid will work with most heat sealing bags, but it is recommended that you used the Ziploc vacuum sealing bags for the most optimal results. Also, the bags can be rinsed and used again. This is not always recommended because of food contamination. However, it is a money saving option since bags will reseal several times.

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